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Welcome to The Legal revolution

Traditionally, finding affordable legal representation has been as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Not anymore. We’ve made it simple and affordable to get Attorney In a Hurry!

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Did you know...

Lawyers Are Not expensive,
Law Firms are!

You heard Right...


DMV Law Firms charge clients an average of $500/HR  while paying the Attorneys who are actually working the cases just 10% ($50/HR). 

We can save you time and money by connecting you directly with affordable sole practicing Attorneys (in a hurry)! 

When you present your case via our adaptive intake form, consultations are always free.

Each Attorney on our site has established themselves as experts in their respective fields of law.

Pay as little as 25% per month with QuickFee BNPL. 

Save on the astronomical fee’s charged by law firms. 

Attorney in a Hurry

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Liberty & Justice for all

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At Attorney In a Hurry, saving consumers time and money is our top priority. We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that each attorney on our site is properly certified and in good standing with their respective bar association. In Addition to thorough background checks we perform skills analysis to ensure competence in key areas pertaining to the law. 

We’re creating an ecosystem, the likes of which has never existed in the legal industry.  Join us on our quest to make equal justice for all a reality.

Frequently Asked

Presenting your case to our network of Attorneys is always free.

QuickFee is the official payment portal of Attorney In a Hurry. You can use QuickFee to either pay your invoices in full or over time (4, 6, 12 months)

95% of the time approval is instant! QuickFee doesn’t check your credit score. To get approved for BNPL, all you need is a pre-existing line of credit.

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Why Attorney In a Hurry?

Affordable Legal Services should be accessible to all, that’s why!

Features & Benefits

How It Works

Once you have entered into an agreement with your Attorney, payment is simple and secure. Using QuickFee you can pay over time (4, 6, 12 months) or you can pay upfront.

Once you have entered into an agreement with your Attorney, payment is simple and secure. Using QuickFee you can pay over time (4, 6, 12 months) or you can pay upfront.

Once you have entered into an agreement with your Attorney, payment is simple and secure. Using QuickFee you can pay over time (4, 6, 12 months) or you can pay upfront.

Once you have entered into an agreement with your Attorney, payment is simple and secure. Using QuickFee you can pay over time (4, 6, 12 months) or you can pay upfront.

For Clients

Attorney in a Hurry

We’ve found the best Attorneys who are dedicated to ensuring that Clients are able to obtain legal services at rates that won’t break your bank account

When you post your legal need it will be reviewed by multiple attorneys. You accept the proposal that best suits your legal needs/budget constraints. Reducing 80% of the time it takes for you to obtain an Attorney (In a Hurry).

With BNPL our clients have the ability to divide legal fees into 4 monthly payments.
Making legal services fit your budget, instead of the other way around

We’re in the business of improving access to legal services, not charging clients excessive fees. We have made our services available to the public fee free!

With our instant messaging system clients and attorneys are able to communicate directly and seamlessly. Say good-bye to that jazzy hold music.

Did you know....

60% of consumers cannot afford an Attorney!

60% of the working class is unable to afford legal representation, it’s obvious that our system is broken. The only way to fix it, is by changing the power dynamic. So that’s what we’ve done. We believe that you deserve options for your legal representation. Options dictated by your budget needs, and specifications. Legal representation that fits your needs, must be dictated by you. We are bringing the power back to the consumers. More power to you! 

For Attorneys

Attorney in a Hurry

Practice on you own terms. Choose the cases that you want, work the hours that best fit your schedule. Freelancing gives you the opportunity to break free of large firms

We get you started at no-cost. No need for expensive offices, payment processing software, no thousand dollar marketing budgets. We make it simple and affordable to build your practice

We want to ensure that every attorney on our site has the opportunity to thrive on our site. For this reason we have waived membership fees. No obligation to renew afterwards!

You are the specialist, we’re the conduit. Connect our growing network of clients to provide solutions to their unique legal needs.

As an Attorney, you have the potential to help those who are in no position to help themselves. As an Attorney in a Hurry, you can reach a broader audience. Together we will build a more equitable legal system.

Did you know....

Law Firms Are Expensive, Lawyers Are not!

Many people believe that legal services are expensive because of lawyers, but that’s not the case! The average hourly rate paid to lawyers breaks down to around $50/hr. Yet, the fees charged by Big Law are upwards of $400/hr. At Attorney in a Hurry, we’ve effectively removed the middle man! Making it possible for Attorneys to make more money while charging their clients less.

What is Law?

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Liberty and Justice for all is the foundation that the American Dream was built upon. That dream cannot become a reality until we materialize that promise.

At Attorney in a Hurry, we don’t believe in platitudes, we believe in you. Providing consumers and Attorneys with an alternative to Big Law is our way of giving back.

When you hire an Attorney in a Hurry, you are protected. We guarantee quality work, or you pay nothing.