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I worked as office manager for two psychologists in a cottage-type office on the square in Fayetteville. One was a forensic psychologist. On a day that a paranoid schizophrenic was scheduled to see that specialist, patient’s mother called to advise me her son left early (headed to our office) and gun was missing. She
I have a pending drug case in Pulaski county court. It’s scheduled for obnious on July 18th. I have a previous open case in same court where I was offered drug court. I want this new case somehow combined with the other and get drug court as well. Also wondering if they can transfer the drug court to Garland county
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My son was wrongfully accused of sexual abuse of his children in separation of his wife. We are praying for an attorney for the plea hearing on May 30, 2022, and one for the remainder of what has plagued us in this case.
Case Description: This case is a property dispute between myself (plaintiff) and two defendants. I am seeking remedy for an heir's property that was sold without the expressed consent of all beneficiaries involved. The seller of the heirs property (my uncle) used my grand-mothers name (deceased wife of the deceased