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What are Civil Rights?

Put broadly, Civil Rights Law encompasses the basic human rights that all Americans are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Federal and state constitutional law, statutes, administrative regulations, and judicial interpretation have defined and expanded these civil rights over time.

When to reach out to a civil rights attorney

Unfortunately, our country has a long history of neglecting the civil rights of its citizens. If you have been subject to any of the following your Civil Rights may have been violated.

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Illegal Search and Seizure

An unreasonable search and seizure is a search and seizure by a law enforcement officer without a search warrant and without probable cause to believe that evidence of a crime is present.

Cruel and unusual punishment

Most often mentioned in the context of the death penalty, the Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishments, but also mentions “excessive fines” and bail. The “excessive fines” clause surfaces (among other places) in cases of civil and criminal forfeiture, for example when property is seized during a drug raid.

Workplace Discrimination

Workplace Discrimination can take many shapes and forms, such as losing a job or being denied a pay raise due to discrimination


Discrimination based on Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender, Race, Color, Disability, or National Origin…..

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