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What is family law?

Family Law is the legal area focusing on issues involving family relationships such as marriage, adoption, divorce and child custody. Most practices focus on representing clients in divorce or division of property, but the area is not limited to such things. 

When to hire a family attorney

There are a wide array of issues that having a family attorney could greatly benefit. Divorce, the most common issue, is much easier to proceed through with an attorney who knows the ins and outs of divorce. Guardianship also necessitates an attorney’s aid, legally shifting the responsibilities of parenthood. Child adoption can be an extremely frustrating and paperwork-heavy process, but an attorney can streamline the process to make it less frustrating and more pleasurable. Estate planning is another tedious task full of paperwork and headache, but it doesn’t need to be. 



Essentially, when any serious disagreement occurs or the determination of legal statuses is at stake, hiring a family attorney is a must. 

Attorney in a Hurry
Attorney in a Hurry

Family attorneys

Family attorneys deal with a wide array of issues and requests.  In contrast to bankruptcy attorneys, tax attorneys and other more empirical law disciplines, family attorneys require a larger degree of emotional literacy. To help families through difficult times, attorneys need to be able to understand the troubles that their clients are going through and deal with them sensitively. 


There are several different sub-disciplines in family law. Divorce attorneys guide clients that want to conclude their marriages, often dealing with trusts, child custody and leases. Family law advisors assist families in finding the ideal accommodations for their children, essentially making sure children are provided for and cared for adequately. There are several other sub-disciplines because of how varied the field of family law is, but they all are focused on making the lives of families better on the whole. 

Emotional Matters

Dealing with issues such as divorce, marriage, prenuptial agreements, estate planning, civil unions and more, family attorneys are used to dealing with some of the worst (and some of the best) times people go through. The attorneys contracted with us want nothing more than to see you through those trying (and beautiful) times. 

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