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What is Immigration law?

Immigration law references the rules, instituted by the federal government, that dictate who is allowed to enter the country (and how long they are allowed to stay). The naturalization process and detention/removal procedures are also regulated by this body of laws. 

immigration in the united states

Over 40 million people living in the united states were born in a different country (that’s 20 percent of the world’s migrants). The United States in unique in that almost every country is represented in the U.S. migrant population. A considerable portion of the immigrant population in the United States are unauthorized immigrants (about a quarter of the total immigrant population), although these numbers are difficult to obtain accurate measurements for and the reality could be different. Mexican immigrants account for most of the immigrants in the United States, but the prevalence of Mexican immigrants has been on the decline in the past few decades. Immigrants from Central America and Asia have been on the rise. In fact, the Asian immigrant population in the United States is projected to be the largest group in the U.S. by 2055.

Many people wonder “why don’t immigrants just wait to get in legally?”. There are three primary avenues to achieve legal citizenship in the United States for immigrants: family reunification, employment and humanitarian protection (asylum or refugee status). For many immigrants, these categories are exclusive and unattainable. So the answer to that question that so many people ask is: There is no line to wait in. This is a very upsetting fact, because many unauthorized immigrants are hard-working, tax-paying people who contribute considerably to their communities. Immigration reform is extremely important to ensuring the fair treatment of everyone in the United States. 

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Searching for immigration lawyer: red flags

These are some people in the United States called Immigration Forms Specialists, consultants or notaries. These people can assist you in completing certain forms for immigration, but they cannot assist you in any way when it comes to fighting immigration cases. A notary may be held in high regard in other countries, but in the United States their influence is limited. We thoroughly vet the attorneys that enter our site so that your needs are served. If you need assistance fighting an immigration case, make a post and specify the category as “immigration” to receive proposals. 

When to hire a immigration attorney

If you are unclear on your green card eligibility, need assistance applying/reapplying for citizenship, need emergency help with immigration issues, or have been deported and wish to return, you should contact an immigration attorney. This is by no means an exhaustive list of possible reasons. If you have any serious questions about your status or ability to engage with the immigration system in the United States, you should consider consulting with an immigration attorney. 

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