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Our Story

Est. Little Rock, Arkansas 2022

How it all started

Attorney In a Hurry began as and continues to be a passion project. In 2020, our founder, Brennan Banks, had a friend who was fighting a legal issue. The case had been dragging along due to the actions of the public defender representing her.

His friend was innocent but her public defender was dead-set on convincing her to sign a plea deal.

Appalled with this miscarriage of justice Brennan began raising money to help his friend attain a private Attorney. Unfortunately, they were unable to obtain an Attorney due to the high rates charged by law firms.

Brennan saw this incident as an indication of the state of legal aid in our Country. He began to work out a solution to the problem and that solution became Attorney In A Hurry.

About us

At Attorney In a Hurry, we're all about ensuring that legal representation is affordable, accessible, and built to meet the needs of our community.

Our mission

Tailoring legal services to fit the budget specifications and needs of our customers is our mission. We know that until everyone has equal access to legal services, our Democracy will be failing on its promise of Liberty and Justice for all.

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Founders' Message


"When compared to similar industries, it is apparent that the legal industry has been reluctant to meet clients where they are. We recognize that now is the time for change, and we are proud to be a catalyst moving the industry towards that change. One case at a time."

Brennan Banks
Founder, Attorney In A Hurry
JD Candidate, Howard University School of Law

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